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[Xen-users] Re: pppoe domU: did you test userspace rp-pppoe?

Peter Jakobi wrote:
Hi Jiri,

you already tested an ancient userspace-only rp-pppoe?
I've still one active, and trying this you could validate
your the rest of your setup, before looking at possible
kernel changes anew (strace, ltrace, logs, whatever)...

Hi Peter.

No I did not. Do I have to compile it? Can you give me more info what to do? Don't know too much about it but I could not find a debian package for this.
I just though that the rp-pppoe is loaded:
Nov 22 11:50:20 alsfw01 pppd[1542]: Plugin rp-pppoe.so loaded.
Nov 22 11:50:20 alsfw01 pppd[1542]: Linux kernel does not support PPPoE -- are you running 2.4.x?
Nov 22 11:50:20 alsfw01 pppd[1542]: Exit.

What is the difference between the rp-pppoe.so and the one which you are talking?

Thanks for info


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