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Re: [Xen-users] IP-Address for DomUs via configuration script possible?

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From: Alexandros Manakos <alexandros@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Because i dont want to install any dhcp-servers on the dom0. I want to
> keep the dom0 for everybody that will use the phpscript to create a domU
> as simple as possible. Dont want anybody to read the
> install-instructions and have there 30 steps of things to do to get the
> script running. There might be a way i thought just about. IF there were
> another DHCP (outside of the dom0) the clients could request a IP. The
> problem is that the user that created via the phpscript the domU doesn´t
> know about the ip the domU just got. To solve this i might need a script
> (perl or sth. like that) that monitors the dhcp-offers from any machine
> on the dom0 (listen on the bridge) and stores the answers from the
> outside dhcp in a database or txtfile and gives this to the phpscript
> back so that the user gets the IP to connect to.
Are your users connecting from within a private LAN? Don't re-invent the wheel, 
use DNS. Just have your users pick a host name when they create their domU. 
Dnsmasq (http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/doc.html) is a lightweight app 
that provides both DHCP and DNS services all in one package. This can easily 
run in dom0, or a domU specifically set up for the purpose.


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