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Re: [Xen-users] Gigabit Interface - XEN Full Virtualization

> > I noted that the lspci output are different, and I would like to know,
> > how can I make my xen virtual machine see the same Hardware, so I can
> > force a 1000 Full speed.
> You can't get Gigabit speed for your NIC in HVM.  Whatever network cards
> you have on the physical system, it's emulated as a 10/100 mbps Realtek
> card to the HVM.
> Use paravirtualized drivers for HVMs to enhance the network card
> performance and throughput, but don't expect 1000 mbps.  :-)

The virtual machine won't have hardware matching the physical system; it just 
sees whatever hardware Xen is emulating.

Xen doesn't emulate a GigE network card so you won't be able to see one in the 
guest.  However, I suspect that the 10/100mbps card will be able to transmit 
above that speed if your machine can emulate the card fast enough: because 
there's not a real hardware 100mbps ethernet card there, there actually 
shouldn't be anything limiting the speed to that.

As Sadique mentioned, if you use paravirtualised drivers in your guest (either 
by using a PV guest or by installing paravirt network drivers in an HVM 
guest) you could potentially increase the throughput and decrease the CPU 
overhead further.


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