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Re: [Xen-users] access to physical cpu in domU without passing through dom0

> hi, i am a new member here.

Hi, welcome.

>   Here's my question. As i know although i can assign the domU a specific
> physical CPU in Xen, but the task of domU still will pass through the
> dom0's scheduler before it goes into it's CPU. So, is it possible to
> directly schedule the domU's task into the physical CPU?

Actually, it won't go through dom0's scheduler; dom0's scheduler just 
schedules Linux tasks for dom0.  The domU will still have to go through Xen's 
domain scheduler.  However, if you assign a CPU exclusively to the domU and 
make sure nothing else runs on it then that's as close you can get to giving 
the domU total ownership of the CPU.  It should be pretty good.


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