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[Xen-users] centos 5.1 and xen

I have just upgraded my centos 5.0 to 5.1, and so have upgraded xen from
3.0.3 to 3.1 (in redhat/centos terms, from 3.0.3-25 to 3.0.3-41)

My pv linux guests work as expected, but I have a windows xp hvm that
will no longer start.

Well, it starts, and I get the xp logon, then a blue screen with an error
msg to the effect that I'm trying to write to read-only memory, (I dont
have the exact msg text, as the screen clears and reboots too quickly.)

I'm assuming this is some sort of windows bug, but presumably is triggered
by a change to the virtual hardware introduced by the xen upgrade.


   has anyone else seen this?

   what exactly are the changes to the virtual hardware (and can they be
   reversed, at least to verify the problem)?

   Can anyone offer tips on how to debug the win xp problem?

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