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Re: [Xen-users] console for full virtualization vm

Michael Lessard wrote:
> I confirm that you don't need to create this device !  It's works
> great with the two line who Sadique gave me ..
>  But now, i could use this trick only when vm is installed ... if i
> need to install a full vm and i don't have access to X server, how can
> i handle that ?

X forwarding over ssh or a remote X display would be the obvious choice.
Another option would be to set domU's console to vnc, bind to all ip
address instead of localhost, and connect using vnc client. Something like


Certain installers (e.g. linux, solaris) may have an option to force the
installer to use serial console. In this case, the HVM console should
work as-is, without any additional setup.



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