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Re: [Xen-users] Changind Domain-ID

Stephan Seitz schreef:
>> Sorry to bother again, but the ubuntu-7.10/Xen-3.10 setup is have more
>> troubles then expected.
>> Finaly got it working (disabled SMP, console, hwclock, libtls all changed).
>> Now when playing with xm save, and backing up I bumped on another problem.
> libtls shouldn't be a problem since month. just
> apt-get install libc6-xen

I've got this, but after doing apt-get update or apt-get snmp the
lib/tls was back?

> also smp works really fine.

Yes, but with Hypertreading on in my Bios the kernel was crashing all
the time. Turned that off and it looks ok (for now).

>> Each time a domain is shutdown, and then restarted with
>> xm create <config-file>
>> the Domain-ID is rising with one.
>> Not a problem, but when then Domain-ID is other then the one that the
>> image is created (2 in my instance) the networking doesn't work.
>> It seems the DomU can't find the bridge
>> Although in Dom0 ifconfig and brctl show bridge show the new number
>> (vif<Domain-ID>.0)
> your current problem is NOT the ID. This is caused by mac-address assigning
> of the domU.
> I bet, you didn't give a mac address in the domU config like
> vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:de:ad:be, bridge=xenbr0' ]
> so everytime the domU is booting it detects a new eth device, thinking that
> the former one might come back.

Yes, I have the mac-adress in my config.
But the problem was that the machine has 2 Nic's, and only 1 Mac-adress
was in the config.
In my case eth1 at DomU had the MAC-adress I configed, eth0,2,3,4 got a
new mac-adress.
Solved it by making 2 bridges, defining 2 mac-adresses and editing
/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules so the mac-adress I used in
the config-file is mapped to the corresponding eth.

Now I bumped into another problem:
root@xen1:~# xm save arrow-telecom.net /root/arrowtelecom.img
Segmentation fault

The xend.log shows this
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094) Storing domain details:
{'console/ring-ref': '48815', 'image/entry': '3222274048',
'console/port': '2', 'store/ring-ref': '48816', 'image/loader':
'generic', 'vm': '/vm/4a9d9526-0d5b-2bb7-3830-6fd73f7b069a',
'control/platform-feature-multiprocessor-suspend': '1',
'image/hv-start-low': '4118806528', 'image/guest-os': 'linux',
'image/features/writable-descriptor-tables': '1', 'image/virt-base':
'3221225472', 'memory/target': '131072', 'image/guest-version': '2.6',
'image/features/supervisor-mode-kernel': '1', 'image/pae-mode': 'yes',
'console/limit': '1048576', 'image/paddr-offset': '3221225472',
'image/hypercall-page': '3222278144', 'image/suspend-cancel': '1',
'cpu/0/availability': 'online', 'image/features/pae-pgdir-above-4gb':
'1', 'image/features/writable-page-tables': '1',
'image/features/auto-translated-physmap': '1', 'name':
'migrating-arrow-telecom.net', 'domid': '11', 'image/xen-version':
'xen-3.0', 'store/port': '1'}
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094) [xc_save]:
/usr/lib/xen/bin/xc_save 24 11 0 0 0
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094) suspend
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094) In saveInputHandler suspend
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094) Suspending 11 ...
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094)
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094)
[2007-12-05 14:12:40 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094)
[2007-12-05 14:12:41 4552] INFO (__init__:1094) Domain has shutdown:
name=migrating-arrow-telecom.net id=11 reason=suspend.
[2007-12-05 14:12:41 4552] INFO (__init__:1094) Domain 11 suspended.
[2007-12-05 14:12:41 4552] DEBUG (__init__:1094) Written done
[2007-12-05 14:12:41 4552] INFO (__init__:1094) Had 0 unexplained
entries in p2m table
 1: sent 32768, skipped 0, delta 1507ms, dom0 71%, target 0%, sent
712Mb/s, dirtied 0Mb/s 0 pages
[2007-12-05 14:12:42 4552] INFO (__init__:1094) Total pages sent= 32768
[2007-12-05 14:12:42 4552] INFO (__init__:1094) (of which 0 were fixups)

.... I'm almost out of energy, struggling with this setup for more then
a week now.....

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