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[Xen-users] Howto mix public and private ip-addresses?


actually I have the following setup:

Ubuntu Gutsy with Xen 3.1

I have one public ip-address AND a /29 subnet with public ip-addresses.

Xen is configured as routed-setup:

dom0: has the public ip-address and the first ip-address from the subnet.
each domU has an ip-address from the subnet and as gateway the first
ip-address from the subnet.

Everything works!

Now I want to put a private address 192.168.1.x to each domU and to
dom0, so that I can bind some network-services to these ip-addresses,
which should only be addressable within the virtual systems.

How can I do this?

I've tried the following:
- Added a dummy-interface to dom0 with
- Added e.g. to the vif-config in the domain-config-file of
a domU.
- Added a dummy-interface to a domU with e.g. I tried the
config with no gateway, with the same gateway as the "normal" interface
(public ip) and with the gateway

No luck so far.

Any tips, tricks, hints?


Joerg Schoppet

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