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[Xen-users] PCI passthrough with kernel 2.6.23?


at the moment my system works on a XEN 3.1 basis with kernel 2.6.18 compiled
on top of ubuntu feisty for dom0 and domU created by debootstrap.  PCI
passthrough has been enabled in menuconfig. The PCI passthrough is used to
allow domU to access a DVB-S PCI card.
My problem is that I would need a newer kernel to have more actual DVB
drivers in domU.
One thing I thought of is the possibility to compile and install the actual
2.6.23 kernel in domU as this kernel already supports to run as a xen guest
(at least as I understood it).
Now the question: Does the 2.6.23 kernel support PCI passthrough when run as
domU and what do I have to enable in the menuconfig: only
"Paravirtualization support (EXPERIMENTAL)" or "Enable support for XEN
Hypervisor (New)" as well?

I had kernel compile problems when I wanted to try it out and so I wanted to
ask if it is at least possible before I dig deeper in the compile problem.
I would also be very thankful if someone could point out another solution to
my problems.

Best regards and thanks in advance

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