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Re: [Xen-users] Mounting an existing running domU

> > Has anyone actually mounted the file system for domU whilst it was
> > running? If so can any one describe the actual damage that was done
> > and if anything was recoverable?
> If justing doing read only mount, there should not be any damage.
> I often mount the domU disk image file to check some files' contents,
> while they are running.

This is still potentially risky as the readonly mount may read inconsistent 
data from the disk.  It shouldn't damage the on-disk data but there may be 
errors from the filesystem driver.  I guess it's possible that it could cause 
more severe errors too but that would rather depend on the particular 
filesystem, the particular circumstances, etc.

All the same, it's something I personally wouldn't want to risk doing from 
dom0 on a production machine - just in case.


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