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Re: [Xen-users] Xen dom0 memory

> Am Tuesday, den 18 December hub Michael Williams folgendes in die Tasten:
> > I just discovered that my xen hypervisor only believes that it has 3199
> > MB of memory, when there are 4GB inside the computer.  I don't know how
> > long this has been this way, but I do not know how to try and force the
> > hypervisor to realize how much memory it has.  Any ideas how I can
> > accomplish this?
> >
> > I am running CentOS 5 (RHEL 5), kernel 2.6.18-53.1.4.el5xen, x86_64, xen
> > 3.0.3.
> You'll have to use a PAE enabled kernel to get the full 4GB of RAM as
> the pci-memory resides below the 4GB boundary and will prevent using
> of your full physical memory without PAE.

That's a common problem but it doesn't apply in this case since he's using 
x86_64.  Assuming the version of Xen is built for 64-bit then there's no 
PAE / non-PAE distinction.  x86_64 effectively has PAE switched on all the 


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