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Re: [Xen-users] Re: MythTV and Xen

Bastiaan wrote:
lists wrote:

Hello All,

Is anyone successfully running MythTV in either a Dom0 or DomU?  I have
mythtv running with 4 PCI Hauppauge Nova-T DVB cards in a C2D system
with a G33 chipset mobo under OpenSUSE 10.3.  Everything works perfectly
under the x86-64 kernel, as soon as I reboot into the Xen kernel I get
picture tearing and eventually mythtv will crash, usually with a glibc
malloc error.  The best way I can describe the picture tearing is that
it's almost like the TV signal has become very weak, there are lots of
mpeg artifacts on the screen like squares of static image and blocks of
strange coloured pixels.

I'm open to suggestions of other distros to try.  Fedora Core 8 springs
to mind as a possibility since it was only recently released so should
have a very up-to-date version of Xen included.

Kind regards,


I got mythtv working in xen, both te backend and frontend run in domU's,
sharing the dom0 with some other (distcc) domU's.
I haven't had any trouble with is.
Distro is gentoo, on amd64.
If you have any specific questions, you can always mail me off-list (I do
not check the lists too often)


If you can, could you keep it on the list? I am interested in this as well.


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