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Re: [Xen-users] xen dom0 server freezes every one or two hours

> Hi,


> same problem here and it can be reproduced. I use Gentoo 2007.0 with Xen 
> 3.1.2 and kernel 2.6.22 (xen-sources) in 64bit mode.
> The Server is a Dual Opteron 275 running in PV mode.
> The Dom0 freezes every time if you generate system high-load, for example 
> starting a boinc-client or doing big filesystem transfers.
> -> Network hangs, SATA Devices time out

The problem I have mentioned earlier 
as far as I remember is on a Gentoo system too.
But there are no problems with the disk. 
Only network.

May be if they try to generate big load on the system,
disk drives will hang too. 

> Normally the system freezes every 2 hours.

At that case much more seldom.
Guys have said me that it hangs every several days
(but if it wants to it can hang several times a day).

> I tried to play with the Xen version compatibility in the kernel, but that 
> doesn't make a difference.
> Due to the HDD timeout I can't find anything in the logs...

Just a guess:

it may not be related to Xen baloon driver?

Do you use dom0_mem as a parameter for the hypervisor?

> kind regards
> Dirk
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WBR, i.m.chubin

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