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Re: [Xen-users] Problem: Windows on Xen

On Fri December 14 2007 1:29:07 pm Evan Lavelle wrote:
> Next problem: the DomU runs, but it starts life in a 640x480 window. The
> full-screen config option doesn't work, and I can't find any
> documentation on how to get a bigger window. I can change the window
> size by using Windoze properties to increase resolution up to 1Kx768,
> but it won't go any higher than that. And the mouse is almost unusably
> slow. I'll try giving the domU a whole core, but I'm not optimistic. If
> you can work out how to fix that lot, I'd be very grateful... :)

The video card that xen's qemu-dm emulates only goes up that far. Sorry.

As for the mouse, add the following line to your win2k .cfg:


> Given that, I'm now running vncserver on the Win2K domU, and a vnc 
> client on the Win2K terminal. This actually works pretty well. I can get 
> full screen, and the mouse works properly. There is a problem, which is 
> that the pixel block update in vnc is *very* slow, so you can't move 
> windows around too much. However, it's a *lot* better than using SDL on 
> the Dom0.

You can play with the '-encodings' flag to vncviewer, but I find this gets 
tedious. qemu-dm gets the vnc setup right for you. To use this, add the lines 
below to your .cfg, and use 'vncviewer dom0-name', instead of domu-name.

# more documentation on these options is in your example scripts:
# /etc/xen/xmexample.hvm (/etc/xen/examples/xmexample.hvm on SuSE)
# the default is only localhost access:
# uncomment the following to execute vncviewer from any station
# set VNC display number, default = domid
# try to find an unused port for the VNC server, default = 1
# the following is to enable ctrl-alt-1 and ctrl-alt-2 switching
# between the windows session and the qemu monitor

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