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Re: [Xen-users] cluster server options

On Tuesday 25 December 2007, jim burns wrote:
> 'network exporting' is precisely what I would like to do, since I have very
> little more space on my xen server for anything more than proof of concept
> vms, and I have so much space now on my SuSE system. My experience with nfs
> 3 or 4 is you can only export previously mounted portions of the disk,
> which means effectively you have nfs -> file backed store ->
> /dev/mapper/imagefile, and I was hoping to remove some of the overhead.

NFS is a filesystem server protocol; therefore you can use it to host a file 
backed store.  to use blockdevice backed stores you need a blockdevice 
sharing protocol.  the most popular are iSCSI, AoE and gnbd

other kind of solution is using a shared block device (via iSCSI, FC, 
IEEE1394, AoE, gnbd, drbd, etc) and put a cluster filesystem on it (GFS, 
OCFS2, etc) and put image files there.  it would give you the easy of 
filebacking without the overhead of filesharing (far higher than block 
sharing).  i haven't used it, and don't think that filebacking is so much 
easier to handle than blockdevice stores; but some people here like the 


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