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[Xen-users] devtype and cd/dvd drives

        Playing with a mainline PVM kernel, I was trying to determine
whether a virtual device is a cd/dvd.  What do I mean?

- A scsi disk has /sys/block/<name>/device/type.  If that contains '0',
  it's a hard disk.  If not, it's something else (cd/tape/etc).  This
  includes SATA, iSCSI, etc.  Anything using sd.c.
- An IDE disk has /sys/block/<name>/device/media.  If that contains
  'disk' it's a disk.  It can also contain 'cdrom', 'tape', etc.  This
  used to live at /proc/ide/<name>/media.

        How do I determine this for xvdX devices?
/sys/block/xvda/device has "devtype", but does it contain 'vbd' for
cdroms as well?  Every example I see online suggests using hdc (IDE) for
cdroms still - will cdroms stay IDE?  Should I assume that xvd devices
are hard disks always and forever?



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