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Re: [Xen-users] Re: DomU on LVM

Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
What would be the practical reason for that as opposed to
allocating a bigger LV to contain all partitions?
For me the advantage would be that I'm able to resize the different partitions. If I use the LV as complete disk I only could extend the last partition in DomU.

You can resize within the domU if you don't overallocate up front.

Typically I will create a 16GB LV for a 8GB / and 2GB swap, or a
32GB LV for a 16GB / and 4GB swap and always leave around 30%
available for future expansion or additional needs. But you
could always bring in another LV to the domU and add it to the
VG within the domU and resize from that.

That's true but in the end that needs LVM in Dom0 _and_ LVM in DomU. Somehow I think that gets complicated especially if the LVs of the guest should be accessible from Dom0.


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