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Re: [Xen-users] Re: DomU on LVM


Am Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2008 16:55 schrieb Ross S. W. Walker:
> Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
> > Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
> > >> So IMHO a better way to do it is to export each lv as
> > >> a separate disk and make one single partition of whole
> > >> such disk in domU:
> > >> /dev/vg/lv1 -> /dev/hda -> /dev/hda1 --> /
> > >> /dev/vg/lv2 -> /dev/hdb -> /dev/hdb1 --> /var
> > >> /dev/vg/lv3 -> /dev/hdc -> /dev/hdc1 --> /home
> > >> Resizing is extremly easy (lvextend, resize2fs)
> > >> and it can be done online if ext3 is used.

why use multiple partitions if you can resize?
  /dev/vg/lv1 -> /dev/hda -> /dev/hda1 --> /
  /dev/vg/lv2 -> /dev/hdb -> /dev/hdb1 --> swap

But i also prefer to use lvs as partitions inside domU because you don't loose 
any byte for a (needless) partitiontable.
It's also easier to backup these unpartitioned lvs (you don't need any
"-o offset=XXXXX" while mounting a snapshot of this lv).

Where is the discussion why this is not to be supported in the future? I've 
seen that it was mentioned here a few times but i've never found out what the 
reason could be?



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