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[Xen-users] dom ID 1 not auto starting

Hello all

I have a situation here where I have a total of 8 doms (0-7 including
Domain-0) on a single server

I have setup the usual links in /etc/xen/auto so that they all start when
the server starts.

When the server starts dom ID 1 doesn't start but all others do.
If I start dom ID 1 manually using "xm create mydomain1.mydomain.com -f
/etc/xen/mydomain1.mydomain.com" it starts without error.

All doms are identical.

size   = 4Gb      # Disk image size.
memory = 128Mb    # Memory size
swap   = 128Mb    # Swap size
# noswap = 1      # Don't use swap at all for the new system.
fs     = ext3     # use the EXT3 filesystem for the disk image.
dist   = etch     # Default distribution to install.
image  = sparse   # Specify sparse vs. full disk images.

Just the IP and names are different.
Each dom has 2 IP eth0 and eth0:0
The physical server (what I refer to as the host server) has a single IP

I have set "loop max_loop=128" on the host server

The host server is an old Compaq 6500 with 2.5G RAM and 56G array.
OS is Debian 4.0R5 (minimal install)

This is just a test machine as the production machine all this will be
going on hasn't been decommissioned yet (our old SQL server). This server
has 64G RAM and 2.5T array. Again, an old Compaq machine.

The setup I am using is from this howto.

Given that this is my first experience with xen I am just looking for some
pointers as to what to look for so that I can debug this as this is the
second (different) hardware platform I have used and experienced the same



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