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Re: [Xen-users] dom ID 1 not auto starting


I removed the first dom in the autostart list and restarted the server,
again it won't start the first dom in the list (different name).

I then checked the physical server configuration and it actually has 2
NICs, but only 1 is configured and operating.

Could it be the second unconfigured NIC that is causing my problem?



-----Original Message-----
From: "Fred Zinsli" <fred.zinsli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2008 12:50:26 +1300
Subject: [Xen-users] dom ID 1 not auto starting

> Hello all
> I have a situation here where I have a total of 8 doms (0-7 including
> Domain-0) on a single server
> I have setup the usual links in /etc/xen/auto so that they all start
> when
> the server starts.
> When the server starts dom ID 1 doesn't start but all others do.
> If I start dom ID 1 manually using "xm create mydomain1.mydomain.com -f
> /etc/xen/mydomain1.mydomain.com" it starts without error.
> All doms are identical.
> size   = 4Gb      # Disk image size.
> memory = 128Mb    # Memory size
> swap   = 128Mb    # Swap size
> # noswap = 1      # Don't use swap at all for the new system.
> fs     = ext3     # use the EXT3 filesystem for the disk image.
> dist   = etch     # Default distribution to install.
> image  = sparse   # Specify sparse vs. full disk images.
> Just the IP and names are different.
> Each dom has 2 IP eth0 and eth0:0
> The physical server (what I refer to as the host server) has a single
> IP
> (eth0)
> I have set "loop max_loop=128" on the host server
> The host server is an old Compaq 6500 with 2.5G RAM and 56G array.
> OS is Debian 4.0R5 (minimal install)
> This is just a test machine as the production machine all this will be
> going on hasn't been decommissioned yet (our old SQL server). This
> server
> has 64G RAM and 2.5T array. Again, an old Compaq machine.
> The setup I am using is from this howto.
> http://www.howtoforge.com/debian_etch_xen_from_debian_repository
> Given that this is my first experience with xen I am just looking for
> some
> pointers as to what to look for so that I can debug this as this is the
> second (different) hardware platform I have used and experienced the
> same
> problem.
> Regards
> Fred
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