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[Xen-devel] GPLPV drivers 0.9.12-pre9 upload

I've just uploaded 0.9.12-pre9. Please read the following before using:

1. Windows 2000 is no longer included in the binary distribution. It
didn't work.

2. qemu network and disk adapters are disabled, but will now appear as
having failed due to a change in the hiding code. This is cosmetic
(you'll get a warning on start that a service or driver failed to start)
but the effect is the same, except you won't get strange things
happening as a result of pci devices just disappearing - I was seeing
delays in places during startup and shutdown.

3. If you are using the latest Xen 3.3.1 hg (maybe 3.3.0 too?), the
qemu_disable_patches.diff patch applied to the ioemu-remote git repo
(after 'make tools' has downloaded it, or after you've updated it to the
latest) will completely remove the ide disks and network interfaces,
leaving the cdroms as emulated by qemu. This is how things should be
going forward - qemu cdrom's means you get eject and virtual image swap
etc, and performance on a cdrom is hardly critical. Hopefully these
patches will make it into Xen 3.4.

4. Please test in a dev environment. I haven't broken my test servers
during upgrade or anything, but testing first is just common sense.

5. 64 bit block addressing is in place but not really tested. If you
have block devices >1TB that didn't work previously, please give it a go
and let me know.

6. Save+restore is working for me at the moment, please report any

Go to http://www.meadowcourt.org/downloads/ for the gplpv driver
download and, if you want, the qemu_disable_patches.diff patch.

See the thread in xen-devel with a subject of 'disable qemu PCI devices
in HVM domains' for an explanation of how the qemu device disabling


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