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RE: [Xen-users] Xen - Windows Server 2003 - Keyboard won't connectunder VNC

> Hi All,
> There must be a really obvious answer to this question as I have found
> zilch anywhere one the 'Net on this. So please forgive what may be a
> stupid question.
> I have a new server with Debian Etch (AMD64) and the Xen kernel
> I have so far gotten as far as successfully firing up a virtual
> and getting it to read the CD and begin a Windows 2003 R2

Are you using the Etch Xen packages (3.0.3 or something equally old),
the Etch Backports Xen packages (3.2.1 I think), or have you installed
from XenSource (3.3.0)?

I could barely get the Etch packages running at all when I tried them,
but I used the ones from Backports for quite a while without any major
problems (except they are broken for windows 2008).

I highly recommend that you uninstall all the Debian Xen packages and
install 3.3.0 directly, assuming you are familiar with building kernels


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