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[Xen-users] Re: Xen is a feature

George Dunlap wrote:
> Frans Pop wrote:
>>! The kernel policy always was and still is to accept only those
>>! features which have a technical benefit **to the code base**.

> If (hypothetically) we merged Xen into Linux, then (people are 
> suggesting) the coolness of Xen would actually contribute to the 
> coolness of Linux ("add technical benefit to the code base").  People 
> would feel like working on the interface between linux-xen and the rest 
> of linux would be making their own piece of software, Linux, work 
> better, rather than feeling like they have to work with some foreign 
> project that doesn't make their code any cooler.

I suspect that there is an element of this.

There is also the factor that if Xen was merged into linux, we would
then be able to work towards a sane(r) virtualization layer that would
be useful for KVM, Xen, and possibly others.  This provides a technical
benefit to the code base by introducing a more logical organization
rather than having ad-hoc changes sprinkled all over.


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