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[Xen-devel] Re: Xen is a feature

Frans Pop wrote:
Bill Davidsen wrote:
I was referring to your "no benefit" comment, I don't dispute the
technical issues. I think the idea of moving the hypervisor into the
kernel and letting xen folks do the external parts as they please.

Where does that come from? AFAICT Thomas never made a "no benefit" comment other than limited to the context of the technical implementation.

Where it comes from is his very recent statement, which contains those very words. You may interpret what he said in any way you choose, but denying that he said it shows that you didn't follow the link back. I never denied the ugliness of the code, nor does the author, but it adds a great deal of value for many people, and that's the point I was making.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@xxxxxxx>
 Even purely technical things can appear to be magic, if the documentation is
obscure enough. For example, PulseAudio is configured by dancing naked around a
fire at midnight, shaking a rattle with one hand and a LISP manual with the
other, while reciting the GNU manifesto in hexadecimal. The documentation fails
to note that you must circle the fire counter-clockwise in the southern

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