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Re: [Xen-users] Making system templates

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 10:57 AM, Jeff Sturm<jeff.sturm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm new to the list, but from what reading I've done I notice there are
> two broad methodologies forming around virtual system management: ÂOne
> that wants to treat virtual images as identical to physical systems with
> disk partitions, native installers, boot loaders, etc. while another,
> simpler approach takes fuller advantage of the paravirtualized model and
> Dom0 capabilities (LVM etc).

I wholeheartedly agree that partitions are a thorn and should be
deprecated.  unfortunately, HVM DomU's require them; and most tools
(libvirt in this case) default to creating them in most (all?) cases.

i might be wrong, but i think that even recent linux installers, which
are virtualization aware (ubuntu jeos and suse limejuice) do the same,
using the same old partitioners as always (with just a few tweaks,
like using the noop scheduler by default)

so, i think partitions are going to stay bothering us for a while.


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