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Re: [Xen-users] Making system templates

Nathan Eisenberg wrote:
> My solution is very close to Thomas', except that I debootstrap from a local 
> mirror which is updated only after the upstream packages are tested against 
> common configurations.
> That way, I can use debootstrap to get my definition of 'current-stable', 
> while simultaneously being reassured that the packages I am pulling down are 
> of a version I have tested and verified to work.  This is part of my upgrade 
> cycle, so if I add a tenth machine to a cluster using the debootstrap method, 
> I am pulling down the same version of packages as those already on the 
> production machines

Having a package that changes behavior in the Stable version of Debian
shall NEVER happen. If so, then you can file a bug in the tracker. But I
never saw this happening over the last 5 years.

We simply use approx to do package download caching. This is really
enough, no need to manually create your own set of package. You are
being over paranoid here.


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