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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 3.3.1 & Fiberchannel/LiveMigration

On 6/10/2009 8:36 AM, eric santelices wrote:
I am wanting to use Xen (3.3.1) hypervisior and support "live migration" on CentOS 5.2. However how can I ensure that when I migrate this to the next dom0 that this guest will be on /dev/dm-5??

I was thnking of using /dev/disk/by-path I have 99 entries, and we should not be addressing a single path of a dm-multipath. What I'm wondering is what's the best way to configure my nodes to leverage Live Migration with dm-multipath.
I haven't really played with dm-multipath much. But is there a link to the multipath device in /dev/disk/by-uuid? That might be one way to take care of it. The only other way I can think of is using udev rules to make sure the devices are always the same but that could get ugly.


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