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Re: [Xen-users] XEN 3.4.1-pre3 with newer Kernel

Hi Fabian,

I've downloaded the "xen-patches-2.6.29-6.tar.bz2" and the kernel "linux-". Then I patched the kernel with: bunzip2 -c /usr/src/xen- patches-2.6.29-6.tar.bz2 | patch -p1 After this I've compiled the xen-hypervisor with: "make install-xen" and installed the tools: "make install-tools" Then I updated the Grub "menu.lst" with the particular informations and I've created a RAMDISK via: "mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.2.6.29-6- xen"

But after a reboot the system won't come up. Can you please tell me if the steps were right and if the kernel source was the right one.
Many Thanks.


On Jun 16, 2009, at 10:32 PM, Fabian Zimmermann wrote:

Hi Maik Brauer schrieb:
who can tell me, how I can use a newer Kernel for the current XEN Release 3.4.1 -pre3? Is there a way to do this. What needs to be done in details. Are there any howtos.
I'm currently running Xen 3.4.1-rc2-pre with
Just download the kernel.org-sources and patch them with:


Some hints:


don't try "patch -p1 --dry-run" it will fail. Just patch the sources.

The attached config is running without problems (PV/HVM since weeks). Maybe you have to add "pci=nomsi", but I'm not sure if it's still needed. And yes, it's a backported xen.org-kernel.

All credits go to Andrew Lyon, thanks!

Have fun,
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