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RE: AW: [Xen-users] Best way to use iSCSI in domU

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Interesting.  I'd stand back and look at your existing setup before trying to 
rebuild with some other storage tech.

In my experience, poor NFS performance is almost always due to 
misconfigurations (not your fault - NFS is suprisingly low level and can be 
very confusing at times).  I have several very large NFS deployments that have 
absolutely fantastic performance.  NFS is probably already a proven technology 
for whatever you're doing.

The number one thing to do is ensure that you have NFS mounted without the 
synchronization option turned on.  There's also buffer sizes to be calculated 
and set.  If these are web servers, there is also an Apache directive regarding 
kernel caching of files; essentially, you can end up double caching files 
without the directive in place.

Thank You,
Nathan Eisenberg
Sr. Systems Administrator
Atlas Networks, LLC

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El vie, 19-06-2009 a las 10:22 -0700, Nathan Eisenberg escribiÃ:

> Honestly, for data that I need shared between multiple Dom0s or DomUs, I use 
> NFS, and it still works great.
        NFS is not an option. We are doing this to replace a NFS FS because of
poor performance.

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