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RE: [Xen-users] Running Xen on a Xen guest

> Curious, why would people want to do this anyway?

Not sure what the original poster had in mind, but one of my uses of Xen
is for creating an environment into which we can do restores of
customers backups to ensure that in the event of a disaster, a working
system can be created from the backup media. The typical platform is 2
or more Windows servers, Symantec Backup Exec Intelligent Disaster
Recovery (bootable CD to bootstrap the restore) and SCSI tape drive,
which works well.

A few customers are using Xen now which means it's not quite as straight
forward. If we could do HVM inside HVM it would make things easier,
although the performance loss would probably be unacceptable.

Other than that, it would make a great framework for testing live
migration etc with only one physical server.


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