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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on Intel i7 Nehalem?

On 29/03/2010 17:19, forwebonly@xxxxxx wrote:
"Olivier B." wrote:
In what is it "strange" ? It's confusing, but a "normal" choice.
Now ... using "AMD" for an Intel CPU *is* strange, donÂt you think?

Well with an old AMD, you was using the "i(ntel)386" architecture, right ?

For modern hardware, if it doesn't work, try with more recent (but still
beta) packages by adding in your /etc/apt/preferences file :
I do not seem to have hardware issues ....

Are there other reasons to leave debian mainline and use a newer Xen?
I mean, regarding important features or bigger performance issues or other 
reasons ...

Thank you for your reply!

I often upgrade Xen for 2 reasons :
- hardware compatibility (with some xeons cpu)
- lenny instability (with multi vcpus domu)


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