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Re: [Xen-users] [SOLVED] Anyone have success with ivtv in a pvm? I got DMA TIMEOUT messages on xen-next/4.0-rc9-pre...

Mark Hurenkamp said the following:

- PCI latency - the ivtv driver tries to change the pci latency for the
tuners when it is loaded, but can't because it doesn't have permission.
I've tried to set the latency on boot from the dom0, but without
success.  Changing it manually seems to work fine, not sure what the
issue is here, but haven't spent any real time looking into it.  More on
mythtv and pci latency here http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/PCI_Latency
Thanks for the info, the tweaks on that page may prove useful if i need to 
improve performance on my system (could have helped my previous setup).
My new (P55 based) system doesn't seem to have any problems with throughput or 
latency at this point.

If your previous set-up wasn't on a virtual system it wouldn't have been an issue because the ivtv driver would have adjusted the latency when it loaded.

- DMA interrupts issues - about once a month my system starts reporting
problems with DMA interrupts.  Sometimes this only takes out a single
ivtv tuner, other times it takes out a NIC, HD, the Mythtv DomU, or the
Dom0.  The only way to sort it out is to reboot the Dom0.  I've spent
more time on this than I'd care to admit, and have very little to show
for the work.  Because it happens so infrequently I'm not even 100% sure
it's ivtv related.  Most recently I've pulled the ivtv tuners out of the
system entirely and am hoping that in a month and a bit I'll know
whether ivtv is involved or not.
Haven't seen these issues at all... not even on my old 1.2Ghz AMD Duron based
system... What version of xen and linux kernel are you running?

It's good to know you haven't had issues.

I'm currently running kernel 2.6.26-2 from Debian Lenny (but on a Sarge based dom0) with xen 3.4.2 from source.  Previously I was running 2.6.18 / xen 3.2.0.

It could very well be a hardware issue, it's running on an old AMD Athlon 2600+, which is what I'm hoping to be able to confirm/deny if the system stays up past ~45 days without the ivtv tuners in it.

- Ben
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