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Re: [Xen-users] [SOLVED] Anyone have success with ivtv in a pvm? I got DMA TIMEOUT messages on xen-next/4.0-rc9-pre...

> > Thanks for your input, i had read this page before, but now noticed there
> > is one option mentioned there which i had not tried before: iommu=soft.
> > Tried to boot with that just now, and i don't get the errors anymore, and
> > the tmp0.mpg file now contains data.
> > Not sure if everything works ok now, I will do more tests in the course
> > of this week.
> > At least I'm one more step closer to running mythtv in domU again!
> Yeah, we've been updating the wiki pages lately.
> pvops domU kernels do require iommu=soft, so that explains your earlier
>  problem.. :)
> -- Pasi

I can now confirm that mythtv with 3 ivtv tuners is working well in my PV DomU.
I've had the system up and running for about a day now, and recorded 3 
parallel movies today.
Even when it ran out of disk space at one point, there were no unexpected 
issues in the DomU nor in the Dom0, and after cleaning up the disk, and 
restarting mythtv, recording continued without any problems.

I'm impressed!


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