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Re: [Xen-users] [SOLVED] Anyone have success with ivtv in a pvm? I got DMA TIMEOUT messages on xen-next/4.0-rc9-pre...

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 09:05:46PM +0000, Mark Hurenkamp wrote:
> > > Thanks for your input, i had read this page before, but now noticed there
> > > is one option mentioned there which i had not tried before: iommu=soft.
> > > Tried to boot with that just now, and i don't get the errors anymore, and
> > > the tmp0.mpg file now contains data.
> > > Not sure if everything works ok now, I will do more tests in the course
> > > of this week.
> > > At least I'm one more step closer to running mythtv in domU again!
> > 
> > Yeah, we've been updating the wiki pages lately.
> > 
> > pvops domU kernels do require iommu=soft, so that explains your earlier
> >  problem.. :)
> > 
> > -- Pasi
> I can now confirm that mythtv with 3 ivtv tuners is working well in my PV 
> DomU.
> I've had the system up and running for about a day now, and recorded 3 
> parallel movies today.
> Even when it ran out of disk space at one point, there were no unexpected 
> issues in the DomU nor in the Dom0, and after cleaning up the disk, and 
> restarting mythtv, recording continued without any problems.
> I'm impressed!

Good to hear it works OK for you! 
I CC'd Konrad, who's probably interested about positive feedback :)

-- Pasi

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