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Re: [Xen-users] Xen License

On Wednesday 09 June 2010 12:33:12 Jonathan Tripathy wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> This is going to sound silly but...
> I'm just off the phone with a Microsoft SPLA reseller. They sell licenses
>  to run Microsoft software in a hosted environment. I was asking about
>  obtaining Windows licenses to run on my Xen VPS hosting solution.
> Maybe there is a big misunderstanding, but I'm faily sure she said that it
>  was illegial for me to rent out Xen VMs...even if they are running Linux
>  (some about terms and conditions).....

If it is illegal, then quite a few large hosting companies are breaking the 
law as a simple google-search will yield several.

> Please someone tell me that it was just a misunderstanding. I was under the
>  impression that since Xen is GPL, I'm allowed to rent out Xen Guests to
>  customers without paying anything...

IANAL, but I think you're basically providing a co-hosting service on 'virtual 
hardware'. As far as I am aware, this is perfectly legal, as long as the OS 
running on the virtual hardware is legally licensed.

If the Guest is running Linux, it will be licensed (but check the license that 
comes with the commercial ones, like RedHat, SuSE and others)

If the Guest is running MS Windows, I would assume that a MS Windows licence 
(not OEM, but the non-OEM in this case) would cover it.

And I agree with  James Harper, I wouldn't trust the advice from a Microsoft 
Sales person when it comes to non MS licensing.

Joost Roeleveld

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