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RE: [Xen-users] Xen License

Jonathan Tripathy wrote:

Are you aware of any software which would cause problems in this area? For example, they would be allowed to install Oracle or MYSQL on a rented VM, provided they were in control of it, right?

Yes, Oracle would be an example of something that would require a paid-for licence. MySQL could be free or paid for depending on the version they install.

Then there are other things like some media applications. Technically, if you (or rather your client) uses MP3 then Fraunhoffer want a fee to licence their patents to you - even though the software itself may be free and open. The same may apply in other areas - CF the debate about video encoding standards and Google's recent open-sourcing of VP8.

But you should not have to worry about that as long as you just rent a base (all free) system and make it a contractual thing that your customers are responsible for licensing on their system.

As for the "free only" base image, that would just be a standard PV install of Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS, right?

Debian is all free by default (ie unless you enable the non-free repository. Not sure about Ubuntu (I assume it's the same). No idea about CentOS, not one I use.

Simon Hobson

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