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32Bit on 64Bit - Was: Re: [Xen-users] Xen on Debian Lenny quite unstable

Okay, next question on the way to a solution:

Anyone out there running 32Bit domUs successfully on a 64Bit dom0 with Lenny?


Am 10.06.10 21:34, schrieb Miles Fidelman:
Dirk H. Schulz wrote:
Hi folks,

I have several servers running the Xen packages from Debian Lenny - the cpu architectures are ranging from dual pentium III, dual xeons from 4 years ago and current quad core xeons. All share a problem: they frequently crash.

The physical machine then reboots, and in the logs there is absolutely nothing. The intervals between crashes range from just a day to around 30 days in the max, but mostly it happens roughly every few days. The only pattern I found so far is: the more virtual machines on the host, the infrequent the crashes (that alone is weird).
Wow... I just (a week or so back) migrated a server from Debian Lenny on bare iron to Lenny on Xen. I'm seeing a similar problem - about once a day the physical machine crashes and reboots, with nothing in the log to give any indication why.

I'm in the process of identifying and installing tools for capturing pre-crash activity - any suggestions would be welcome.

Miles Fidelman

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