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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Xen on Debian Lenny quite unstable

Am 11.06.10 14:58, schrieb Ferenc Wagner:
"Dirk H. Schulz"<dirk.schulz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>  writes:

Is there anybody out there running several intel machines with 32Bit
Lenny Xen and NOT having any problems with regular crashes?
The 32-bit Lenny dom0 kernel is unstable, as you and others observed.
Don't use that.  The 64-bit version is stable, though.  I'm running the
32-bit Etch dom0 kernel on my Lenny dom0-s, that's stable, too, aside
from sporadic (and curable) xenconsoled hangups.
Well, I hope this does not sound too newbie-like, but
1. How do you get the 32bit Etch dom0 kernel? Manual package download or some tweeking of the apt sources? 2. Is it sufficient to exchange the kernel or did you exchange other packages/binaries as well?

Thanks for you help!


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