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Re: RE: [Xen-users] [XCP] centos installation

Good day.

I'm using 'xe' cli, ([open]xencenter does not allow to do many thigs...)

Right now my network (non working) attempt looks like this:

[root@host1 ~]# xe vm-install template=CentOS\ 5.0\ x64 new-name-label=cent 
[root@host1 ~]# xe network-list name-label=inet --minimal
  ... this network was created manually and works fine for debian, on this 
network is avaible DHCP...
[root@host1 ~]# xe vif-create vm-uuid=130c9fd1-06cf-6ac8-9bdb-6054544f36b5 
network-uuid=d7d66dfc-8792-054e-cc4a-9bcf2beb9414 device=0
[root@host1 ~]# xe vm-param-set uuid=130c9fd1-06cf-6ac8-9bdb-6054544f36b5 
[root@host1 ~]# xe vm-start vm=cent on=host1
The bootloader returned an error
vm: 130c9fd1-06cf-6ac8-9bdb-6054544f36b5 (cent)
msg: Error from bootloader: Failed to parse the output of bootloader: ()

Other attempt (using a CD):

[root@host1 ~]# xe vm-install template=CentOS\ 5.2 new-name-label=centos2
[root@host1 ~]# xe vif-create network-uuid=d7d66dfc-8792-054e-cc4a-9bcf2beb9414 
vm-uuid=212807c5-52dd-810a-c280-bfb3a3449296 device=0
[root@host1 ~]# xe vm-cd-add vm=centos2 cd-name=CentOS-5.4-i386-bin-1of6.iso 
[root@host1 ~]# xe vbd-list vm-name-label=centos2 params=uuid,type,bootable
uuid ( RO)        : a9cb12d4-21d2-a836-0bb0-d2f5b52f4076
    bootable ( RW): true
        type ( RW): Disk

uuid ( RO)        : ac5871aa-3831-f971-4772-f750d62793cc
    bootable ( RW): false
        type ( RW): CD

[root@host1 ~]# xe vbd-param-set uuid=a9cb12d4-21d2-a836-0bb0-d2f5b52f4076 
[root@host1 ~]# xe vbd-param-set uuid=ac5871aa-3831-f971-4772-f750d62793cc 
[root@host1 ~]# xe vm-start vm=centos2 on=host1
The bootloader returned an error
vm: 212807c5-52dd-810a-c280-bfb3a3449296 (centos2)
msg: Error from bootloader: Failed to parse the output of bootloader: ()

The single way i was able to set up centos was using windows template [HVM]. 
And I it was not like debian installer...

03.06.10, 00:06, "Stephen Spector" <stephen.spector@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> I'm trying to set up centos installation, but I get nothing, but error 
> message from bootloader. I set up debian, even wrote script with  preseeding, 
> but I failing to install centos in any way (network or cd).Can someone show 
> me full list of operation to install centos?** George, I had this problem 
> when trying to find the image for the XCP Dom0 to boot as the guest. When I 
> tried it via network, I had to go thru several links to make it work, it 
> didn't use the usual links that have worked in the past. As for CD, I was 
> able to get that to work in the setup. Are using command lines to create the 
> guest or a tool like open xen center?Thanks....spector 


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