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Re: [Xen-users] RAID10 Array

On Thursday 17 June 2010 12:24:45 Jonathan Tripathy wrote:
> > 2) How would I use 802.3ad "link agregation" with ATAoE?
> You would not. Just use (for example) 4 NICs for AoE and the kernel driver
> will automatically balance your traffic over all available interfaces.
> The kernel knows which interfaces can reach which from the target and does
> all the balancing.
> This even allows high availability when using two switches: just connect
> half of the interfaces to one switch and the others to the other switch (do
> the same with your storage system) and you're done. You may just plug the
> power of one switch and everything will (with a very short delay) continue
> to work -- with half the bandwidth, of course.
> -- Adi
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> ----------------
> Ok so I was reading http://www.howtoforge.com/ata_over_ethernet_debian_etch
> and they "export" a partition via
> vbladed 0 1 eth0 /dev/sdd5
> If i wanted to use link agregation, what interface would I put in? Also,
>  would I need to set up my switch with 802.3ad/LACP "trunks".
> Thanks

I would like to point out that the same is achievable with iSCSI by means of 
multipathing. Admittedly, AoE is easier to setup. It is not considered 
enterprise grade however. But latter statements are relative to me anyway: if 
it works, it works. Period.



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