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Re: [Xen-users] RAID10 Array


> So if I use ggaoed and just put all 4 NICs into its config file, that should
> allow me to get 4Gbit of bandwidth? And no configuration is required on the
> switch?
That is the idea, yes. When you monitor the netflow with dstat for example
you should see all links equally used. The amount of bandwidth used depends
on the storage backend as well. ;-)
The switch itself does not care about those pakets because they're just
ethernet frames consisting of a source MAC and destination MAC address (and
payload, of course) which means you do not need any fancy features on the
switch itself. The balancing is done by the aoe module on the client side
and by ggaoed on the server side (they're actually just using all interfaces
in a round robin fashion and all MAC addresses of the target they know of).
There are mainly two features the switch should support: flow-control and
jumbo-frames (MTU of 9000).

> BTW, does 802.3ad "mode 4" use LACP? Or I am getting mixed up?
802.3ad is LACP. LACP is short for Link Aggregation Control Protocol.
(The IEEE name of the standard is 802.1AX)

-- Adi

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