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[Xen-users] RE: XCP 0.5RC2, possible bug, strange error message

Hi Vern,
> I've been testing the host-get-vms-which-prevent-evacuation command for
> the upcoming 0.3.3 release of XCCS. I created a CentOS VM without the
> guest agent installed, which means that it can't be live migrated and
> would prevent a host from being evacuated. I did get the correct result
> that the VM wouldn't allow evacuation (in the right format, thanks
> Dave!) however I got a reason back that doesn't make any sense to me.
> I expected a reason to do with the missing guest agent, what I got was
> HOST_NOT_ENOUGH_FREE_MEMORY. I think the error is in error :).

Well... ahem... it's not ideal but in this context 
"HOST_NOT_ENOUGH_FREE_MEMORY" actually means "something is preventing this VM 
being migrated. I guess you better shut it down or suspend it". I agree it's 
not really the right error for your situation :-)

I think we'll have to fix this up in future.


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