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Re: [Xen-users] use PCI VGA card on domU, and questions about USB

Hi Dustin,

That's funny. You said you have built 18 computers sometimes in the past. And now you are saying you don't know what AM3 refers to. My assumption is that you are either banned for using Google, or somebody built the computers for you. If you have dared to read at least my post (the last post actually, the one you have answered), you would have noticed that it's an AMD CPU. And you should have well known that Intel _DOES NOT BUILD MOBOS FOR AMD CPUS_!!! You could find mobos with SMD chipsets for Intel CPUs, but not viceversa! Loks like a (bad) company policy for Intel, if you were to ask me.

So, guys, being such an off topic post, _PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE USE GOOGLE FOR ANY WORD YOUR POOR LITTLE BRAIN FAILS TO RECOGNIZE_! This will save you from getting slapped every time you open your mouth.

Take care, guys!

On 30.06.2010 16:06, Dustin Henning wrote:
        I have the same problems you have with product in general.  It is quite 
unfortunate, and in Windows only environments, I use Gigabyte for those 
reasons.  That said, how is the longevity of Intel boards?  I know I built 18 
P4s with Intel boards well over 5 years ago and the only boards that have died 
were definitely killed by bad power supplies.  I don't know whether or not 
Intel makes a board that meets your needs (I don't know what AM3 refers to), 
but if they do, it might be worth considering.  I know you said only one match, 
but I don't know if a specific supplier had only one match or if you used the 
Intel MBSG (which doesn't show all boards by any stretch of the imagination, 
but would certainly show Intel ones).

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On 30/06/10 07:02, Ady Deac wrote:

All the AMD CPUs (I guess except for the lower end Semprons, but I
guess those also apply) from the last (at least 4-5 years) have
virtualization caps. It is shown as "svm" in the CPU flags:

Offcourse, the BIOS must support it too. And I guess you need to
either buy another mobo (see Gigabyte or Asus), or hammer your mobo
producer to release a BIOS to support it. What is your mobo anyways?
That's what I forgot to tell about (had so many bugs to fix and report
yesterday, my mind went wrong).


I can not change it, because it's the only one I can use for my needs
(ATX not micro, AM3, integrated VGA, two large PCI-E ports = only one

My BIOS says nothing. I tried to start xen with all required options,
and, after boot, it says options I Asked are disabled (i was following
the URL I was given earlier): PCI pass throught is not supported.

I am tired fighting with manifacturers. I'll just shutup.

I'm pretty sure you DO NOT want to have a Gigabyte or Asus board if
you are trying to do PCI Passthrough.
I am pretty sure you do not want any other manif if you want your MB to
last 5 to 8 years, and not look at your capacitors burn out in less than
a year (or many alternative low level issue).

I have personal experience with ASUS and trying to get them to fix a
problem with their BIOS is nearly impossible even when you have
Windows and they will talk to you
I know. That's why I will shut up.

It does not work. Full stop.

I think only Apple is taking care of features *AND* long term stability.

Any way, the problem is not Gygabyte, Asus, AMD, Intel, Microsoft or
Apple; the root problems are:
- x86
- modern worldwide consumer mentality (buy, use, throught away).

99% people don't care when what they buy do not do what they paid for.

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