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AW: [Xen-users] Did anyone succeeded in installing xen 4.0.0 on Debian Lenny?

From: Mark Adams <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> In your xm dmesg does it show that the device was successfully hidden?

xm dmesg does not say anything about the device.

> What do you get from xm list-pci-assignable-devices? (sorry that may not be 100% accurate command it's something like that)

"xm pci-list-assignable-devices" does not say anything, either, but "xm pci-list"works:

domU:/# xm pci-list domU
domain bus  slot func
0x0000 0x00 0x09 0x0

domU:/# xm pci-list-assignable-devices

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