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RE: [Xen-users] XPC: Where to start?

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You should definitely get Open Xen Manager working on one of your
workstations, because it can be helpful when working with XCP.  You will get
frustrated with the instability (constant, repeated crashing) of Open Xen
Manager, but you will still be glad to have the tool available to use.  I
really wish XenCenter worked with XCP, because XenCenter is very stable and
useful.  Open Xen Manager works with XCP, but Open Xen Manager crashes after
almost anything you try to do with it.  Even with the crashes, Open Xen
Manager is still way better than not having any GUI based tool.

The other must have is XVP.  The first thing you will want to do is install
the XVP appliance as a guest under XCP.  XVP has the best web based VNC
interface I have seen so far for XCP.  Just don't have XVP automatically
scan for changes.  When I have tried using that feature, XVP ends up
dropping the existing pools.  XVP is really stable other than that, though.

The real fun part of using XCP is the API.  Like so many others on this
list, I have been writing my own cloud management tools for XCP.  The API
makes it really easy to do that.

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On 09/08/10 14:52, Boris Quiroz wrote:
> 2010/9/8 Nicolas Vilz 'niv'<niv@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> On 09/08/10 11:24, Buckminster Katt wrote:
>>> I'm actually no stranger to virtualization, but XCP is just stumping me.
>>> I've been logged in as root... tried xe... I've used the xsconsole...
>>> I've used the XenAPI viewer... but nothing seems to get me what I
>>> actually need.
>>> I've read the documentation, and it tells me a great deal about Xen and
>>> XCP, but not what I need to actually do to get a VM running and
>>> installable.
>>> Can someone give me the basic shell commands I need to initialize a
>>> sample VM to the point where I can VNC to it from another server and
>>> install an OS. In this case, I happen to be install Vista. Otherwise,
>>> could someone point me to a "Getting started guide" for the impatient?
>>> I'm running 0.5.
>>> Or have I completely missed the preferred method for controlling XCP? It
>>> seems I can't run OpenXenManager, since it requires Ubuntu or Debian.
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> from what i know, i can say, xcp is organized in templates, which are fed
>> xenstore. You actually use xe cli-tool to create your vms and modify
>> The latest version of xcp has some templates in stock which cover the
>> centos/redhat/debian/suse/windows systems. Some of them are for hvm, some
>> them are for paravirt.
>> According to your system, not all of them can be used on your hardware,
>> your hardware doesn't support hvm. XCP tells you that on installation.
>> I spent one weekend to figure that out because the documentation is ...
>> say... very plain. xe made me mad, but i got used to it.
>> You will probably use xe help|grep or xe help|less to get the
>> you want. Explore the existing templates. For netinstall templates
>> all debian ones), you will have to get a decent internet connection. UMTS
>> and netinstall is probably not, what you want.
>> Once you have a template running an installer, vnc is most likely spawned
>> and listening on localhost, so you probably want to ssh tunnel to your
>> box and access it from there. For some templates you have to modify the
>> template a bit to have networking and that stuff...
>> Good luck.
>> Sincerly
>> Nicolas
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> Guys,
> Try installing Open Xen Manager [1]. It will help you a lot with the
> administration of XCP. In [2] you can find very good documentation
> about XCP. I strongly disagree when you said that documentation is
> "plain".

Ok, what I miss (that could be found in an administration or in that 
installation guide, i guess):

(1) step-by-step howto copy&change existing templates with xe
(2) Some wizzards to create my own templates which i can change in 
return. Perhaps that is what xapi is for, to code that yourself...

I admit, I haven't had a look at Open Xen Manager yet.


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