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[Xen-API] Leaving Xen.org Community

Xen.org Community:


This Friday will be my last official day as the Community Manager for the Xen.org community. I have enjoyed meeting and working with the community over the past three years and will continue to support Xen.org in all available ways in my new position. Ian Pratt and the advisory board will be looking for a new community manager to replace me and if you have interested please contact Ian privately. I will be leaving the @xen_com_mgr

Twitter feed in place for the new community manager to leverage as well as other tools you are used to for following the Xen.org community (e.g. blog).


If you are interested in staying in touch with me, please connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. I will be switching my company and location information next week but if you search for Stephen Spector you can find me with Xen.org.


Finally, please reply directly to me on this email rather than fill up the message queues with all the “glowing thanks” - J.  Once again, my sincere thanks for all the support you have given me in helping to create a great community to be a part of.



Stephen Spector


Xen.org Community Manager

T: (772) 621-5062 | M: (954) 854-4257


http://blog.xen.org | @xen_com_mgr

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