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[Xen-users] Has Anyone Been Able to Run PVOPS DomU Against an nVidia Chipset?


Short version: has anyone been able to run a PVOPS domU, on Xen 
4.0.1, on Fedora 13, against an nVidia chipset? I'd like to know which chipset 

Long version:

I have encountered what appears to be an interesting video or DRM problem with 
this combination.   Dom0 runs X11 without problems but this combination will 
not run X11 as dom U. While attempting to install Fedora 13 dom U as an HVM, 
using a PVOPS dom0, running on Xen 4.0.1 on Fedora 13,  using 
virt-install --nographics, it reaches the point following the XML display of 
the boot guest configuration, reports an

(EE) FBDEV(0): FBIOBLANK: Invalid argument

error and then hangs with garbage displayed on my remote xterm console. 
(Virt-install --vnc dies also.) My serial console shows a bunch of

(XEN) HVM2: int13_harddisk: function 41, unmapped device for ELDL=81

and then some

(XEN) vlapic.c:702:d2 Local APIC Write to read-only register 0x30

error messages.

I can get a pvops domain to install --nographics, but the resulting guest 
cannot start X and fails with the same "(EE) FBDEV(0): FBIOBLANK: Invalid 

I have tried to get this combination working on 2 different boxes:

1)  a Dell Precision 690 with an Intel E6320 processor (I don't think this is 
the issue) and an nVidia Quadro NVS 285, which X11 reports as nVidia NV 44. 
Plain old Fedora 13 uses the nouveau driver with no problems. Udev tells me it 
is version 153. The problem remains even with the kernel booted nopat.

2) a "roll-your-own" with EVGA X58 SLI motherboard / Intel i7 combination, with 
an nVidia GEForce 9800 GTX+, which X11 reports as nVidia G92. Again, plain old 
Fedora 13 uses the nouveau driver for this, without problems. Trying a pvops 
domU gives me the same behavior: Fedora domU installs and runs fine, but cannot 
start X11.

Before I go swapping cards or outright buying one, has anyone run this pvops 
combination against an nVidia-based graphics card? Does pvops require an ATI 


What is the formal meaning of the one-line program
#include "/dev/tty"

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