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[Xen-users] XCP, XCCS development roadmap

Greetings all:
I thought I'd take a minute for a breather from development here and lay out the upcoming road map for Xen Cloud Control System. Are there other features that anyone would like to see added that aren't currently in XCCS or on the list?

VM remove VIF   0.5.5

Host pool functions such as pool eject  0.5.5

VM suspend      0.5.5

VM VLAN support 0.5.5

A good overall networking config display        0.5.5

Host test mode  0.5.5
(Test mode will allow a host to be added to the pool and VMs manually migrated to it but features that automatically choose the host such as the load balancer won't use it.)

User self provisioning  0.5.6

Dynamic pool resizing   0.6


Vern Burke

SwiftWater Telecom
Xen Cloud Control System

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