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Re: [Xen-users] best practices in using shared storage forXENVirtualMachines and auto-failover?

Then you tell VM1 to migrate to HostB.

Does HostB already have the iSCSI initiator running?  Does it get
started when the migration starts?  What happens to the initiator on

Yes, both dom0's should be connected to the storage and be able to see it at all times. You have to fence or otherwise "uhm, guarantee" that only one dom0 will be writing to the block devices at any point in time. cLVM won't do this for you but other components of the cluster services will.

I understand how it works with an NFS share and a disk image file.
It's the whole "exported block device on the network" bit that's
messing me up.

Try to not distinguish too much between the two in this case. You can't go writing to a block device from two different hosts at the same time without a cluster filesystem, but even live migration doesn't allow such writes anyway.


John Madden
Sr UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

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