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Re: [Xen-users] CPU Prerequisites for Live Migrations

On 10-10-20 11:38 AM, Hoot, Joseph wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to find documentation to describe what specific CPU flags, models, 
> families requirements are needed for live migrations to be "supported."  I 
> have found mailing list archives which tend to say things like "should" work 
> or "may" work, but nothing that says "is supported." or "is certified."
> Basically what I'm wondering is that if I have (2) quad-core cpu's on one 
> server and (2) quad-core cpu's on another server -- both have the same family 
> and stepping and exact same flags.  The only difference is that the model is 
> different.  Is that something that the xen hypervisor typically will support 
> when it comes to live migration?
> Thanks,
> Joe

Any modern processor from AMD and most modern processors from Intel
support HVM. If you have an Intel CPU, you need to look for the vmx
flag. Likewise, with AMD CPUs, you need to look for the svm flag. With
these, you're set.

If you look on wikipedia at a given CPU, you will see what it supports.


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